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RAHN introduces its new active ingredient “SLIMEXIR® - The Silhouette-Refiner”. The company assures that SLIMEXIR® effectively refines the silhouette, whilst fighting excessive fat. They explains that its well-designed composition consists of X-Melt®, a synergistic blend of Methyl Xanthines, extract of Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) and the polysaccharide Levan. X-Melt® prevents the uptake of fat into the Adipocytes (fat storing cells) by reducing their rate of maturation. In addition the company refers that each of SLIMEXIR®‘s components activate Lipolysis, which triggers the fragmentation and decomposition of the existing fat. X-Melt® and the Artichoke extract stimulate cutaneous microcirculation and assist the transport of the broken down fat. Furthermore, Levan provides a tightening effect on the skin. SLIMEXIR® has a visible and measurable bodyshaping effect resulting in a significant reduction of abdomen volume. The company explains that SIMEXIR® is designed for cosmetic products to refine the silhouette and re-contour the body. It is water soluble and can be easily incorporated into cosmetic formulations such as gels and emulsions.

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