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The Italian cosmetic industry today A word with Fabio Franchina, President of UNIPRO and of COLIPA


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In the economic slowdown we’re experiencing in Italy today, with its ups and downs, new challenges and triggers for renovation, Fabio Franchina stands for us today as an icon carrying important values. He is one of those positive representatives of a healthy industry which carries the sense of ancient values - the best values, those which enabled Italy to rise from the ruins of the post-War period that had put the country on his knees. He was able to create and rapidly grow Framesi into a leading company in the hair cosmetics business. We have recently paid homage to Franchina’s father, who had created Framesi and has recently passed away.
While he runs the company, Franchina is also President of UNIPRO and has recently been appointed as COLIPA President as well (notably the first Italian COLIPA President, which tells a lot of the growth of consideration the Italian industry has experienced internationally), making him a true image of Italian excellence and, for this reason, the pride of our entire sector. Italian cosmetic companies, represented through UNIPRO, are an exam ...

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