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The Italian way to cosmetics

We have decided that this spring journal issue should feature a further insight on the “Italian cosmetic sector”, also due to the interest another article on this topic in the Nov/Dec issue had stirred up.
This year’s Cosmoprof/Cosmopack event, which has reched the 49th edition, appears to be a very promising opportunity to showcase Italian cosmetics at international level and push sales up further, even though the global economic situation still seems rather uncertain, a condition that may unfortunately become the norm. As a matter of fact, the Italian cosmetic industry has never really suffered major losses through the ongoing world crisis, but has rather simply slowed down at times. NOt surprisingly, today it seems to be in a growth trend, as reported by "The economic survey by the Centre of Studies of Cosmetica Italia" (30th edition), which describes a steady growth in the industry, a sign of stability for the Italian cosmetic sector. At the end of 2015, the total turnover of the cosmetic industry was over 9.7 billion euro, accounting for a 4% growth. What has significantly driven revenue growth, along with some positive signs from the ...