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The Journal of Natural Product recently published a new comparative study regarding the Indene product Meriva®. The cur cumin mixture formulated with the Phytosome® technology has
demonstrated to be far more absorbable, about 29-fold, when compared to the unformulated cur cumin mixture. He randomized double-blind crossover study has been effectuated on nine
volunteers administered orally with two dosages of Meriva® and one dosage of a corresponding curcuminoid mix: fi ve (low-dose) or nine (High-dose) capsules of Meriva® corresponding to 209 and 376 mg total
curcuminoids, or, alternatively, fi ve capsules of the corresponding non-formulated curcuminoid mixture containing 1799 mg of total curcuminoids.
The company underlines that after supplementation, the plasma concentration of the tree curcuminoids present in commercial curcumin (curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin) have been measured
and the result has demonstrated that total curcuminoid absorption was about 29-fold higher for Meriva® than for its corresponding unformulated curcuminoid mixture. This new study represents a further step in the recognition
of Meriva® bioavailability.

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