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The American and Peruvian teams won the first selection rounds of the thirdLouisLesaffre Cupon Wednesday 29th September in the United States.After nearly a year of training (individually and as a team), the USA teamapproached the competition withconfidence and serenity. Traditionally qualified for the World Cup, the challengewas to win this pre-selection without fail.The last team to join the competition, thePeruvian team only had two months to prepare. With non-stop 12-hour training sessions and 8-hour competitionrehearsals, they prepared intensively. Aftercoming second in the second edition of the Louis Lesaffre Cup in 2007, they were determined to win. They hope to use this award to modernise the image of Peruvian bakery. It’s also a chance to improve the quality of bread in their country. The Americas zone selection rounds were organised during theprestigious IBIE (International Baking Industry Exposition) Show in Las Vegas (United States). Eight countries competedfrom 26th to 29th September: Canada,Costa Rica, United States, Mexico (North and Central America), Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru (South America). Each team was composed of three candidates, competing in three categories: Bread, Viennese Pastry and Artistic Piece.