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RAHN has screened two cosmeticactives, DEFENSIL® and CELLIGENT®, fortheir stem cell protecting propertiesand have observed impressive resultsfor both. The company refers thatDEFENSIL® is an optimised system forphysical and biochemical protectionwhich normalises sensitive skin typesdue to its excellent inflammationinhibitory efficacy. The company as sures that treatment with DEFENSIL® leads toremarkable effects on stem cellsfollowing damage by UV-irradiation. DEFENSIL® provides resistance to thekey cells involved with skin homeostasisand thus counteracts the appearanceof irritated and stressed skin. InsteadCELLIGENT® is both a preventative andan active cell and DNA protector. Theactive ingredient complex has beenspecially developed for t reatingUV-stressed skin. The companyunderlines that CELLIGENT® showsexcellent stem cell protectingproperties following exposure toUV-stress. CELLIGENT® maintains thefunction of epidermal stem cells, is anintelligent stem cell and DNA protector,and therefore should form part of anymodern anti-ageing product.