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Novel process windows Part 2 – Coming research in ERC advanced grant

*Corresponding authorEindhoven University of TechnologyDepartment of Chemical Engineering and ChemistryDen Dolech 2, Eindhoven, 5600 MB, The Netherlands


Novel Process Windows (NPW) is the use of highly intensified,unusual and typically harsh process conditions to boost microprocess technology and flow chemistry for the productionof high-added value fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals,etc. It is far from conventional processing and also from‘normal’ micro processing, and enables “flash chemistry” (1)via kinetic-chemistry means tailored to the capability ofthe microreactors, whereas the micro processing on itsown addresses mainly mass and heat transfer and safetyissues. In this review, there are two parts introduced. In Part1, we would like to give a short review on this subject andoutline the coming research funded by the ERC AdvancedGrant “Novel Process Windows” of Prof. Dr. Volker Hessel atEindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the Netherlands.In Part 2, the details of the coming research in ERC AdvancedGrant will be introduced. This truly comprehensive andholistic research comprises four projects with differentfacets of Novel Process Windows; starting from a molecularmechanistic(New Chemical Transformations) and kineticscale (High-Temperature / Pressure Processing) via thescale of reaction environment (Solvent-free Operation andTuneable / Reactive Solvents) up to a process scale (ProcessIntegration and Simplification). These individual measuresare bundled and directed by a horizontal, generic projectfor deriving cross-cutting insight amongst the four NPWthemes and to evaluate these through cost and life-cycleanalysis. This paper is about Part 2.