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Catalytic processes in small scale flow reactors Status and opportunities

*Corresponding authorMassachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Chemical EngineeringRoom 66-342, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA


Significant efforts in studying catalytic processes using smallscale flow systems are underway in many laboratories.Microsystems in particular offer the potential to acquirelarge amounts of data using small material quantities whileaccessing traditionally difficult experimental conditions.We highlight recent efforts in the field and comment onhomogeneous, multi-phase, and solid supported applications.Homogeneous catalytic processes can access chemistriesinvolving unstable intermediates and benefit from lowmaterial consumption. The latter has the additional advantageof enabling facile optimization and screening. Multi-phasecatalytic processes have been developed that demonstratecatalyst recycling or reaction acceleration due to enhancedmass transfer. We also compare the efficiency of catalystssupported on flow reactor surfaces to packed beds of porouscatalyst supports.


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