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Chemical industry needs continuous operation to continue its operation A guide on how to overcome the hurdles

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1. TNO, PO Box 155, 2600 AD Delft, The Netherlands
2. PO Box 6012, 2600 JA Delft, The Netherlands

Nine case-studies of successful implementation ofprocess intensification made up a one-day symposiumorganized by TNO in Delft, the Netherlands. Asummary of these cases yields a guide on how to overcomethe technical, economic and cultural hurdles along the way.Process intensification, PI, promises better value for lowercost, less consumption of feed stock and of energy, and lesswaste. However, PI does not appear to become a mainstreamactivity. “Why is that, and what can we do about that?”,opened Arij van Berkel, Director of Innovation TNO Chemicals,the Implementation of Process Intensification Technologiessymposium, in Delft, The Netherlands on April 15.Clear answers were provided by ten speakers, nine with handsonexperience in overcoming the hurdles encountered whenimplementing PI. These hurdles can be big, as a member ofthe audience said: “In the bible, there are ten laws, but in ourcompany there is only one: ‘thou shalt use a batch reactor’”.Changing from batch reactors to continuous flow reactors,or flow chemistry, is central to PI. Mass and heat transfer aremuch better in flow reactors, in particular when going to smalldiameters.Thus, the con ...