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Panel Discussion on Sun Protection


The 15th Sun Protection Conference SUN19 in London (June 4-5, 2019) is a good reason to look at the current status of the most important questions on Sun Care in respect of trends, regulatory news and testing methods. Besides its brands and testing methods the area of Sun Care is quite unique in respect of regulations which are more complex than for other categories of Personal Care products, as the products are fairly near to pharmaceutical products. The typical consumer of sun screens is usually alerted by the danger of prolonged exposure to sunlight and, when trying to shop a fitting product for the next holidays at the seaside, will ask: is the product ok from performance point of view, is the feeling pleasant on the skin and is the fragrance nice? Does the Sun Care treatment survive a swim or two in the sea? And how much does it cost? And the stickers “natural product” and “not animal tested” on the bottle are preferred by most consumers as well. For the cosmetic manufacturer, there is a need to fulfil all these demands.In the following Panel Discussion we will collect some up to date answers from leading experts in the field of sun care.

Felix Müller

Evonik Industries AG

Scientific advisory board (H&PC Today)

The current trend for natural and sustainable products in Personal Care is not easy to cope within the Sun Care field as the oxide filters which are considered acceptable have still their issues and need a lot of formulation art and as well boosting additives which increase their performance. There is as well a limit for the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) as a number of higher than 50 or 60 is not meaningful anymore in real use. An SPF of 100 cannot be the target, again it is the formulation which must be so pleasant for the user that the Sun Care product is used in the required order and quantity to be sufficient for the claim. And as well the other megatrend of personalization of Personal Care products ends again in the question of setting up compositions which allow a defined tanning for individual consumers. The classic sun screen formulator skills ... ...

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