Personalised nutrition evolved: Using nutritional genomics, lifestyle data and AI to fight non-communicable disease


myDNAhealth, United Kingdom


myDNAhealth’s Personal Nutrition coaching App Healthai connects with Quisper
myDNAhealth’s blend of science, data and technology is laser targeted at non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention. By connecting to the Quisper® server platform (QSP), we aim to disarm disinformation by creating a scientific, fact-based system combining nutritional genomics and precision nutrition. In this article, we explain how myDNAhealth uses lifestyle data, genetic make-up and other nutrition data to identify, predict, and prevent common NCDs.  We discuss nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and epigenetics and how they relate to personalised nutrition. We will also explain how we use artificial intelligence (AI), data and Healthai (our proprietary coaching app) to nudge behaviour and maximise ongoing personal engagement to keep consumers on the best track to good health.


Over half of the world’s population are ticking time bombs for lifestyle-related diseases and most have no idea. Diet, lifestyle choices and genetic predispositions are significant factors in NCDs, like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It is estimated that 415 million people are living with diabetes in the world (1). myDNAhealth is therefore on a mission to use the power of food to diffuse this crisis by understanding how diet affects gene expression (nutrigenomics) and how the gene variants in our DNA influences our responses to different diet (nutrigenetics).



Using a combination of in-depth diet and lifestyle assessment questionnaires and next-generation DNA testing, myDNAhealth’s nutritional genomics platform is empowering health and nutritional professionals to collect, collate, and interpret comprehensive information about their clients. In turn, this allows these professionals to assess the risks of several preventable health conditions with unrivalled accuracy. Armed with this knowledge, they can create personalised nutrition meal plans, and actionable information on h ...