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Quisper – a neutral digital platform to enable the creation of scientifically validated personalised nutrition services


*Corresponding author
shiftN, Leuven, Belgium


Quisper is a unique digital platform that is offering scientifically validated data and knowledge rules needed to build personalised nutrition advice services, as well as different digital tools such as interfaces for consumers to capture personal data, request diagnostic services and to receive the advice by a variety of means which support the delivery of such services. It is offered in a neutral, affordable and widely available way to support companies, institutions or health professionals in creating personalised nutrition services, be it for commercial, societal or research purposes. The aim is to stimulate overall more uniformity in the quality and reliability of all personalized nutrition services thus generating the necessary confidence with individuals to apply personalised nutrition advice.


Personalised nutrition is rapidly emerging as ‘the’ novel theme in the nutrition and health universe. A variety of industries is banking on the term to offer a wide range of products, tools and services that are all aiming to help consumers make healthy and purposeful eating choices. While these aspirations are very worthwhile and many of the solutions offered have certainly serious and honest intentions to do so, it is not going to be a simple task to achieve. Not only is there the overwhelming complexity of creating, delivering and maintaining a personalised nutrition advice, there is also the challenging context.  Indeed over the last 5 decades the succession of light foods, special diets, functional ingredients, health claims, etc. has left consumers confused about healthy food choices. Many end-users have been rather disappointed or even sceptical as the benefits of health and nutrition products often didn’t materialise.

Many companies today introduce personalised nutrition services as the nex ...

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