POST-SHOW – DCAT Week 2022: Welcome back to NYC!

DCAT Week returned to New York City in full glory last month, with the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies (DCAT) Association’s first post-COVID event for companies engaged in the bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain. There was tremendous excitement surrounding the private, high-level, strategic meetings that facilitate the development of global networks, and which allow the industry’s C-suites to keep pace with the ever-changing bio/pharmaceutical markets.


Inevitably, some of the hottest topics this year focussed on challenges caused by the pandemic and other recent geopolitical issues affecting supply chains, but there were also some fascinating insights into novel technologies, attitudes and plans for expanding and re-shaping capacities, and responses to increasing demands for greater sustainability.


Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today spoke with representatives from some of the world’s leading companies in bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing, on a range of important topics driving developments in our industry.


The recent past has been impacted by ...