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Pure nature 1,3-Dioxolanes – new raw materials for cosmetics on a biogenic basis

*Corresponding author
1. GLACONCHEMIE GmbH, Beunaer Straße 4, Merseburg, D-06217, Germany
2. Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik GmbH (KVT), Stiftingtalstrasse 165 c, Graz, 8010, Austria


Cosmetics have been produced on a largescale ever since the chemical industry began to developin the 19th century and since petro-chemically producedadditives, raw and auxiliary materials becameincreasingly available. Recently a new trend hasbecome visible in the cosmetics industry: at least partialrenunciation of petroleum-based raw materials. The pathleads back to nature. The motto is ‘Green Chemistry’. Animportant role in this concept is played by glycerinewhich is not produced petrochemically, but is of naturalorigin, as well as the glycerine derivatives obtained fromit, which are able to substitute petroleum-basedequivalents as solvents and building blocks.


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