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Seabuckthorn A rich cocktail of antioxidants and bio-actives

*Corresponding author
Institute of Chemical Technology, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, Matunga, Mumbai-400019, India


Medicated products based on herbals have drawn considerable attention of research institutions and industries worldwide in recent years. The World Health Organization (WHO) has given emphasis on development and utilization of herbal products and cosmeceuticals for the benefit of world population whilst ensuring costeffectiveness and minimum side effects of these products.Sea buckthorn (SBT) is a spiny shrub that possesses berrieswith high nutritional content. SBT has been used intraditional Chinese medicine and current research is now beginning to understand and support the traditional uses.SBT, as a rich source of bio-actives for cosmetics, topical and as a food source, has been gaining attentionbecause of its wide array of health benefits. Most of the research focus is on the health benefits relating to cancer, cardiovascular disease, the immune system, liver cirrhosis,gastric ulcers, and many benefits for the skin. This review isfocused on actives of SBT and their cosmeceuticals and health applications on the current research available.


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