DSM – Rational Design: A sophisticated tool for the creation of next generation cosmeceuticals

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Cosmeceuticals play important roles in nurturing skin homeostasis. They provide multiple beneficial effects for the skin and consumers are willing to pay a premium for skin care products that they perceive as high-performing. We show how a rational design approach can support the efficient discovery of highly effective cosmeceuticals. 

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Today’s personal care consumers are looking for more than the maintenance of a healthy, youthful appearance. They aspire to actively improve themselves, with options like teeth bleaching, skin whitening and lip plumping becoming increasingly popular. This trend fuels the demand for novel, safe and effective bioactive ingredients for topical application, often referred to as cosmeceuticals.

However, the development of cosmeceuticals can be time- and resource-consuming. Identifying ingredients with the desired effects entails the screening, characterization and evaluation of a large number of compounds. 


Rational design relies on an iterative process that encompasses the design, synthe ... ...