Active ingredients in Cosmetology 2019


Editor in Chief, TKS Publisher

A recent “panel discussion”, organized by the Teknoscienze publisher through a series of interviews with R&D and Marketing experts of the major cosmetic active ingredient manufacturers in the world, yielded some interesting topics for future research.

The major issue faced by scientific cosmetology is undoubtedly global skin ageing, especially of the face. It’s not just a matter of addressing the morphological changes that occur (wrinkles, changes to skin structure, sagging, fat accumulation or loss), but also the progressive change in the way we perceive the process of skin ageing (dull, atonic, uneven skin, with an altered periocular area). Attention is drawn today to the causes that lead to these important changes to skin, such as the intrinsic drop of hormones, the metabolism slowing down, with loss of electrical potential, and the increasingly evident involvement of environmental factors. An interesting and innovative concept related to skin functionality is the skin exposome (defined as the totality of exposures to external agents to which skin is subjected throughout the life ...