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Welcome to this special issue of HPC Today, focusing on sustainability!


A.I.S.E. – International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products
Member of Household and Personal Care Today’s Scientific Advisory Board

Did you know that in European households, more than 1,100 laundry washes are started every second ? This is equivalent to about 98 million washes done per day, and more than 35 billion loads every year ! Can you imagine the consumption of clean water, energy, and detergents that all those washing cycles represent?
The benefits of washing and cleaning are obvious and critical to society. Doing without those precious services would just be impossible, as they deliver basic health and hygiene for all but also quality of life, respect and self-esteem.
The unanimous recognition of the benefits provided to society by washing services is unquestioned. On one hand, this gives us confidence to support the rationale and economic value provided by our industry, but on the other hand, this also puts all of us – actors of the industry – under scrutiny, and gives us a very strong responsibility towards society. Industry needs to address how to BETTER deliver the services that our citizens need, and demonstrate how LESS IMPACTFUL & LESS INTENSIVE these washes should become in order to preserve the planet’s limited resources.

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