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Towards new treatments: the oligos and peptide era

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Advances in basic and applied scientific research offer increasingly promising prospects in terms of finding solutions to unmet needs in many industry sectors, from energy, to chemistry and pharmaceuticals.

In medicine, for instance, experts say that only a small percentage of the diseases we know of have been addressed with adequate therapies. The reason is that the therapeutic target of potential medical weapons being developed becomes tinier all the time, also due to the progress of the so-called “omic” sciences. The trend today is developing tailored therapies or ones that can target the molecular bases that trigger the diseases.

Oligonucleotide treatments being developed target therapy niches left uncovered by small molecules and other biological drugs. Small nucleic acid sequences, modified with medicinal chemistry techniques, give rise to new, more stable molecules, with increased bioavailability and that are able to target the problem much more specifically.

In terms of peptides, those with antimicrobial efficacy, those used as vaccines and macrocyclic peptides are amongst the most important cate ...

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