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The chemical industry Agorà Meeting challenges and chances


H&PCToday (TKS Publisher)

I recently found myself in a duty free shop of a major airport. I wanted to buy "my" eau de toilette since I had finished the one I had back home. Everyone's aware (especially those who work in the personal care industry like us) of how important toiletries are in the morning. Be reassured, I’m not going to right about personal care for men, though I am implicitly emphasizing its importance. So I wanted to take this product, a well-known French brand perfume and, needless to say, not exactly cheap. "Quality has a cost!" is the statement that has accompanied me in my whole professional life, a statement you can't really object to - it's true, full-stop. Outside the large windows of the airport lounge it was raining sleet, and it looked miserably gray and dull. The cold weather has been harassing us for far too many years now. In this kind of situation you get that feeling like you no longer have fixed points of reference. My eau de toilette was looking at me from the shelf. Shall I take it or not? You question yourself these things in these gloomy days of economic recession - you're always looking for a discount or a sale. You get wary and anxious at times thinking whether ...

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