Cosmetic industry leaders: a tribute to Marie Alice Dibon


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In these early days of the year, I was reflecting with some friends on the role of numbers in our life and in particular on an expression often used in statistics: “the cold logic of numbers”.

For instance, when referring to the aftermath of war or a natural cataclysm, the “cold logic of numbers” reports on the number of victims in that event.

As we all know, the year has begun with dramatic news about wars and natural disasters around the world, with the bewilderment for the huge fires devastating Australia that have moved us particularly.

The “cold logic of numbers” tells us of the dead and the wounded people, as well as the thousands of animals that have died or are suffering in Australia.

Today, media correspondents report from these disaster areas to give the figures of an event, as well as the saddening pictures that go with it, then endlessly reposted on social media.

So there goes a face, a body, which suddenly slams reality in our face. Images from disaster zones tell us that behind every cold number there is a life, an individual with his own story, affections, dreams, expectations…

And it als ...