An era of challenges: Sun protection and Covid-19



TKS – Publisher

Dear Readers,

welcome to our issue n 3 which is focused on Sun Care, the right topic in the right season.


We open the issue with an interesting article from Perry Romanowski, who leads the column “Ask the Chemist”, where he underlines how sunscreens formulation is more challenging than it would seem. You need in fact to take care of current market conditions, environmental considerations and consumers’ erroneous beliefs. Consumers are pushing for a more sustainable future with a strong desire for transparency and authenticity; Michelle Niedziela states in her article that consumer perspective on sun care has change a lot over the years and therefore to future-proof a brand, it is inevitable to align with the evolving priorities of today’s consumers. Key players in the field have big challenges to face: you can have an idea of what is going in sun protection from a panel we have organized and where 19 experts have given they perspectives. Uli Osterwalder, Principal and Owner of the Sun Protection Facilitator, gives in his commentary article a good idea of the biggest challenges: the complexity of SPF testing, safety issues concerning ...