Evolution and innovation in specialty chemicals


President & CEO of SOCMA

Change is one of the few constants in the world, and the chemical industry is not immune. Nor is the fine and specialty chemicals sector, which has undergone a tremendous evolution in the past 10 years. New technologies are improving efficiency and productivity and allowing for the commercial manufacture of complex chemicals. Fine and specialty chemical companies are better positioned than ever to help address major challenges facing the world.

Evolution and the role of innovation

Specialty chemical manufacturers are innovative, entrepreneurial and consumer-driven. Because they make smaller quantities of chemicals that have specific performance applications, these companies must constantly respond to changes in the needs and expectations of evolving end-use markets, adapting the raw materials, processes, operating conditions and equipment they use on a regular basis. The very nature of specialty chemical manufacturing – often equated with batch manufacturing – is one of change and innovation to meet customer demands and needs.

Flow chemistry as an indicator

Flow chemistry, or continuous processing ...