The 9th Symposium on Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications, November 14-16, 2017 Barcelona, Spain


Chem4Chem. TKS Scientific Advisory Board

Following the international tradition of previous symposia, November 2017 saw us this time in Barcelona, the venue being hosted by the University of Barcelona, Faculty of Chemistry. As regular participants already know, Teknoscienze with its journal Chemistry Today has been instrumental in raising the awareness amongst chemists, chemical engineers and development scientists of the benefits of using flow reactor technology in the fine chemicals arena.

Simply said, batch processing technologies developed 150 years ago are being examined in the light of increasing business demands and regulatory pressures for more efficient processes. The results of this examination and the ensuing experimental work form the content of this symposium. We have been taken on a journey that started in Madrid in 2009, passing through Paris, Lake Como, Lisbon, Pisa, Budapest, twice in Delft to end up in Barcelona! A lot has been learnt on the way. The culmination of this journey will be our celebrating the 10th anniversary of this tone-setting conference.

At this 9th Symposium, we were fortunate in attracting a large number of high quality speakers ...