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Enhanced completeness check delivers its first results

Since the enhanced completeness check was introduced in June 2016, 1 653 REACH registration dossiers have been manually verified by the Agency’s staff. This corresponds to 33 % of the incoming dossiers.

For 20 % (329) of the verified dossiers, companies were asked to improve the submitted information. More information was asked mainly on the following (one dossier may need to be improved in many areas):

• Justifications for waiving data – 136 dossiers

• Substance identification – 180 dossiers

• Testing proposals – 33 dossiers

• Chemical safety report – 11 dossiers

Almost all registrants (95 % of dossiers) updated their information as requested and passed the completeness check at their second attempt. For the remaining 5 % of cases, the submission was rejected. This was either because no update was submitted within the given deadline or the second submission failed the completeness check. 

For initial submissions, the rejection meant that a registration number was not issued.

These statistics describe the situation fro ...

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