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Reliability and trust The Italian API industry recognised as a excellence paradigma from Big Pharma

Keywords: API, Big Pharma, competitiveness, Aschimfarma

The Italian API industry stands as a high-technology industry which combines innovative strategies - in terms of latest technology and care for sustainable development - with typically Italian business growth patterns, that is based on quality, creativity and flexible customer service.

Gone is the gloomy weather that weighed on the Italian active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing sector. Actually, it now looks likes the sun is shining brightly and forecasts tell us of a long period of clear skies.

This is what emerges from research work “Pharmaceutical chemistry: quality, safety and environment care to foster sustainable development” presented on the 18th of October in Milan at the Aschimfarma Forum (Italian Association of manufacturers of active ingredients and intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry).

In short, the API manufacturing sector not only is healthy - the operating profitability of companies measured in terms of EBITDA / revenue has remained high throughout the economic recession - but it is actually ...

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