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The personal care world is more dynamic than ever before, driven by a strong demand for greater sustainability. The industry needs to develop innovative products to address consumers’ desires, with respect for environment and people being the key to successful new launches. Moreover, formulations need to balance novelty, efficacy, sensorial appeal and safety. Join our #respectfulbeauty journey, for beauty without compromise.

A novel Clean Beauty trend is leading the way within the Personal Care market. Modern, sustainability-minded consumers require products that are effective but also respectful of the environment and of people. Thus, the industry has to focus on designing a new generation of products that suits our changing world and its future.


While water on Earth appears plentiful, less than 3% of the total available supply is fresh water, with only 0.4% being available for use, as the rest is captured in glaciers, snow packs and icecaps. And, if water consumption does not significantly change, two-thirds of the world will be facing water stress by 2025 (1).


Public awareness of water scarcity is growing. As a direct consequence, respect for resources and for water are driving personal care towards more eco- and water-conscious formats. At the same time, the demand for mild, naturally derived ingredients is constantly rising.


Lamberti Personal Care is strongly committed to combining eco-friendly solutions with high-end results, through an holistic approach that is a cornerstone of all our new projects. This is brought into acti ...