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RTC Competence, Experience, Collaboration


RTC, Research Toxicology Centre S.p.A. is a Contract Research Organisationspecialized in non-clinical toxicological studies required for international Registration ofPharmaceuticals and Chemical Substances. The RTC research team applies the highest levelof scientifi c know-how, quality standards and regulatory competence to all clients’ requests, forroutine studies as well as for specifi c complex and innovative projects. Since 1987 RTC, a pioneerfacility in obtaining the GLP certifi cate, has been subject to regular inspections by Italian, European,American and Japanese authorities and works in compliance with all international standards.
Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today met a few weeks ago Germano Oberto, Scientifi c & ManagingDirector of RTC, to gain more information on the Company and on his personal experience.
For further information
R.T.C. Research Toxicology Centre S.p.A.Via Tito Speri, 12/14, I-00040 Pomezia (Rome), Italy www.rtc.it