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Sabinsa 1988-2013: 25 Years Of Success


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April 2003. I was in Paris, Port Versailles, attending the In-Cosmetics fair with a project in mind: the presentation of a new publication of Teknoscienze, Household and Personal Care today. On that occasion, I recall meeting a person in particular, a meeting that would have yielded much more in the future. As we all know, though we live in a time of advanced technology governing all aspects of our everyday life, what really triggers a process is the “human touch” in the end. A human contact will yield many more effects than a click on a mouse or a stroke on a keyboard. So, as I was walking the crowded aisles of the trade fair, I stopped at the Sabinsa booth, where I met a young Sabinsa manager, Shaheen Majeed. I clearly recall how nice and friendly he was in meeting me – in time such friendly manners would have led to an intense co-operation for ...

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