Science is still the foundation. Let’s make it visible



Senior Lead Scientist, Science & Promotion Skin Care, DSM Nutritional Products, Personal Care & Aroma, Basel, Switzerland

Thanks to social media, self-branding has become an important part of life for many people. Anyone can share their opinion, anytime and anywhere – all it takes is a short text message, tweet, or comment on a blog post. On the downside, although social media can be an excellent tool for spreading scientific evidence and making true science visible, it sometimes seems that the facts are easily forgotten. We may use science based technologies and devices in our daily routines, but other than when the Nobel prize is announced each year, science rarely makes the headlines. Or it didn’t until Covid-19.

Now, science is everywhere. People can explain what a virus is and they know how a vaccine works. 

They listen to the scientific task forces set up to advise our governments about the disease. And science based data on the number of new cases and deaths each day have become as much a part of breakfast time as coffee.


So where does the cosmetics industry stand when it comes to science? As a scientist, I strongly believe that it is the foundation of every new development in cosmetics, from new formulati ...