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Smart appliances for a circular society: Changing the world from home


European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers (CECED) (1), Brussels, Belgium


The article introduces examples of connected, smart home appliances and the benefits that these appliances can provide for a household, focussing on comfort and convenience for the user, but also on the possibilities that these appliances offer for saving energy, resources and for reducing waste.


Do you have enough hours in the day? Most people will likely answer that they do not. And, they definitely do not want to spend the limited time they do have cleaning their home. Introducing connected, smart appliances into your home can make a major difference, however, as manufacturers of home appliances are producing innovative products that give time and value back to their users. What is more, these products provide substantial benefits to society as a whole: they help conserve energy, integrate the use of renewable energy sources, pave the way for faster and more accurate appliance repairs, and reduce waste. In other words, they can help change the world, from home.

Smart Appliances: Definitions & Numbers

First, however, it is helpful to explain what is generally understood by connected, smart home appliances. When is a product really connected, and what makes a connected product smart?

In general, the blanket term “smart” is used to describe appliances with enhanced, interactive functions that may or may not require an Internet connection. More specifically, however, a clear distinction c ...

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