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Biobased laundry detergents

Allergens and irritants in household cleaning products – Clinical testing for triggers of asthma and allergies

Consistent wash performance – just a matter of chance?

Improving stability of a protease in liquid laundry detergents is a multifactorial challenge

A.I.S.E. Pan-European Consumer Habits Survey 2017 Perceptions of cleanliness and hygiene – cleaning habits, sustainability and safety

Are bleach systems important in laundry detergents when most consumers wash clean clothes?

Why emotions matter: Homecare in the context of Smart Home and eCommerce

Ingredients for HI&I cleaning products: trends, market development and forecasts in Europe

Elucidating the mechanism of fabric softeners

Smart appliances for a circular society: Changing the world from home

Homes in Detox: how the home care market is evolving towards safety and transparency

Trends in laundry to improve cold water performance

Effective colour formulation for home and personal care products

Cleaning up colour: the search for non-staining, skin and fabric rinsable acid dyes

Global laundering practices – Alternatives to machine washing

Effectiveness of the latest generation Lipase on commercial and experimental standardized testmaterials and circular stains – Part III*

Global perspective in home hygiene

An overview of the Global and European consumption of surfactants in household, industrial, and institutional cleaning applications

High Concentrated FAS for eco-sustainable application in liquid detergents and cleaners

Effectiveness of the latest generation lipase on commercial and experimental standardized testmaterials and circular stains – Part II*

Comparison of different methods measuring the influences of fabric softener on the water absorbing properties

What do we learn from consumer behaviour studies on laundry washing in Europe

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