Stiefel oilatum daily soothe & protect junior moisturising lotion


Neal’s Yard Remedies, Peacemarsh, UK-SP8 4EU, Gillimgham, Dorset, United Kingdom


What is it?
The ingredient list, or INCI list, can be a real goldmine for those skilled in the art: 
understanding what other Formulators use when developing a cosmetic product is an interesting part of our job. It is educational as well as insightful.


Stiefel Oilatum Daily Soothe & Protect Junior Moisturising Lotion has been recently relaunched featuring a new name, new formulation and a newly designed packaging.

The product is said to be clinically proven to moisturise, soothe and protect skin as well as to prevent the occurrence of dry skin in children and babies whose skin is prone to eczema.

Unsurprisingly, Glycerin appears in second position after Water, leading to suppose that a rather large amount was used to help hydrate the skin.

This oil-in-water emulsion has been designed to deliver a set of emollients specifically selected for their functionality in terms of moisturisation and barrier functions.

Paraffinum Liquidum (also known by its US INCI Name Mineral Oil) is a petroleum-derived emollient that has been long used in both Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic products for its well-known occlusive properties that help enhance skin barrier functions.

Isopropyl Palmitate is an ester of Palmitic Acid and Isopropyl Alcohol.

It is a light emollient with a soft, dry and non-oily feel and is a go ...