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Successful 1st Symposium on Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications

Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today

Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today organized a first symposiumon “Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for IndustrialApplications” on October 12th, one day before CPhI, in Madrid.In coordination with the symposium sponsor, Corning SAS,Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today brought together seventeenspeakers from industry and academia to discuss the most recentapplications and experiences from the world of continuous flowchemistry. In a packed, full-day agenda, the presentations wereorganized in sessions, including: - Continuous Flow Reactors inIndustrial Production - Best Practices for Continuous Flow Reactors- Pumps, Control Systems and On-Line Analysis, spaced outby two panel discussions on future applications for continuousprocessing and practical experiences from the industry (1). ...