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Successful marketing of medical cannabis and cannabis-derived products


*Corresponding author
PharmaLex GmbH, Mannheim, Germany


A summary of the legal background of some of the European countries which reflects the different national strategies and opportunities for the individual national market for cannabis and cannabis-derived products. This paper shows the legal common basis of European regulation, global treaties, and the different national ways of implementing international and national laws for medicinal cannabis in the respective countries. The different strategies range from a state license for a national competent authority for growing medicinal cannabis, to importing medicinal cannabis for cannabis pilot projects or opening the market by issuing licenses for growing and distribution down to prohibition on use of medicinal cannabis.


The European Union (EU) is missing a harmonized law on medical and, if appropriate, recreational use of cannabis. A high-level overview of the national legal requirements of some European countries on medical cannabis is provided below, thereby highlighting the differences within the EU, see also Figure 1.


Denmark: In December 2017, Denmark adopted its legislation for a four-year medical cannabis pilot project, allowing physicians to prescribe cannabis products which, until then, were not legal in Denmark (1). With the implementation of the medicinal cannabis pilot program, cannabis is legally available. Cultivation and production for medical use started with the introduction of a special development plan, giving companies the ability to apply for a cultivation and handling license to produce cannabis for patients as well as for export. Up to now licenses were given to two companies. 


Since July 1, 2018, the Executive Order on Euphorizing Substances has been amended. Hemp (content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) up to 0 ...

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