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The call for greater inclusion: major new survey finds affiliates desire an increased role in co-designing & transforming global RIM

Pharmaceutical globalisation and the local affiliate model

New efficacy testing requirements for biocidal products

Solving the last (or first!) mile of global RIM transformation: improving local Affiliate engagement

Preparing for eCTD 4.0 compliance

The biocidal product regulation10 years on

Life science leader debate: who will lead the way in data-driven life science innovation?

EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability: implications for the regulation of endocrine disrupting chemicals

Life Sciences Regulatory experts share predictions for 2023

The registration of polymers under the REACH Regulation – A closer look at the opportunities linked to the customization of polymers

The EU’s Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability: risk of overreach on changes to REACH?

ECHA compliance checks on REACH dossiers: lessons learned for UVCB- and multiconstituent substances

Successful marketing of medical cannabis and cannabis-derived products

Updates on chemical registration regime – EU, India, Turkey, and South Korea

Global approaches to biocide regulations

Regulation of endocrine disrupting chemicals in the EU

The global value of substance data

Treated articles under the biocida products regulation

Regulatory challenges
REACH Regulation in 2017 and beyond

Changes to the U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act:
new risk assessment paradigm and its practical implications

The use of alternative methods for the 2018 REACH deadline

The Authorisation of Biocidal Products under the BPR

Will REACH still be there after 2018?

Test data in REACH: requirements and developments Examining developments in REACH and their impact on information requirements

Will REACH still be there after 2018?

Test data in REACH: requirements and developments
Examining developments in REACH and their impact on information requirements

Pre-emptive risk management
option analysis (PRMOA) under REACH

Understanding Asian green chemistry regulations: chemicals substitution

CLP for mixtures in 2015

CLP: the mixtures challenge

Multi-criteria decision analysis applied to a custom-made medicine

“Reach” ing an agreement on data sharing

EU regulatory frameworks and pharmaceutical law

The new challenges for chemical sector under the progress of chemical regulation regime in China

Europe and nanotechnologiesWhichfuture?

New PIC Regulation adds to European Chemicals Agency’s tasks

REACH – Get it right the first time

Smoothing out a bumpy road – Practical hints for the preparation of chemical safety assessments for REACH

REACH: Getting to grips with SVHC and authorisation

Household and Personal Care Today

An end to Greenwashing in the EU?

Microplastics: a perspective on the regulatory landscape for the cleaning products industry

Choosing a cosmetic product: the quagmire of regulations and marketing A riddle clouded by cryptic rules and misleading claims

Harmonised Classification: how transparency and data can affect regulation across the industry

Sunscreen: Regulatory issues viewed by Cosmed

How do you know if a cosmetic product contains fragrance allergens?

Bulk sales in cosmetics – New rules and points of vigilance

Recent changes to China’s cosmetic supervision and administration regulation

BREXIT – Know the main changes to Regulations

Cosmetics and disinfectants: inside of borderline products

The EFfCI GMP Certification Scheme: celebrating 15 years of improving quality and safety of cosmetic ingredients

The rise of international chemical inventories

Crossing the borders. Access to the different regulatory categories of the European skin care products

Regulatory issues of personalised cosmetics in the EU

Cosmed review on sunscreens

Cannabis: is the illegal hallucinogen of the 60’s the new biotech answer?

Claims in the European Union: Cosmed review

Hair care: safety requirements of the EU Cosmetics Regulation

How to comply with the various regulations affecting cosmetic companies: EC Regulation on Cosmetic Products, REACH, CLP and ADR

REACH and CLP Role in the Cosmetics Regulation

The GDPR and the Cosmetics Industry: What you need to know

The detergents regulation and opportunities to improve communication of safety information to consumers

From art to science: how regulations are driving innovation in formulation

Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/542: involved subjects, Unique Formula Identifiers (UFI) and EuPCS (European product categorisation system)

Cannabis & Cosmetics How to navigate the regulatory & legal landscape

Brexit – Where are we heading to? – Regulatory impact assessment of the different BREXIT options on the cosmetics industry

Brexit state of play: implications for chemical policy

Communication in the supply chain – REACH as the regulatory driving force

Impact of REACH on the Detergents industry

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