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Supplying Cosmetic Formulators
ingredients – equipment – services – packaging

The highly dynamic and continuously growing Brazilian market is characterised by its peculiar need for highly diversified solutions for both skin and hair care due to the huge ethnic variability within its population. In fact, Brazil is proudly maybe the most multi-ethnic country worldwide. Moreover:
  • Brazil is the third cosmetics and toiletries market worldwide;
  • Beauty products sales have experienced a 36% growth in the last four years and a further expansion of this magnitude is foreseen in the next four years;
  • Brazil represents 56% of the cosmetics and personal care market in Latin America.

For this reason H&PC Today decided to offer to selected companies the possibility to propose themselves as reliable partners on the Brazilian market. To do this they just had to answer a simple question on the “challenge” of being in Brazil and to showcase the products and services they offer:

“Which is your answer to the needs of the Brazilian market in terms of products, services and strategies?”


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