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Cosphatec: Cosphaderm® MultiMEG
The alternative preservative sensation



The market for well tolerated and natural cosmetics is becoming increasingly important because the number of listed (Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009) and controversially discussed preservatives as well as chemical substances increases continuously. In recent times, alternative preservation has started to grow in the cosmetic market and take a fair share – although it presents a great challenge.
As well-known, depending on the pH value, the composition of the ingredients and the specific application of formulation, a customized alternative preservation system is required to replace controversially discussed chemicals. Since the start of the company our focus is on alternative preservation and we continually expand in the field of research and development.
Cosphatec GmbH offers a great number of solutions in the field of alternative preservation based on different classes like organic acids, glycols, glyceryl esters and natural extracts. One of them is Cosphaderm® MultiMEG, a 100 % natural d ...