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Sustainability the Latin WayThe Latin American household care industry steps up efforts to deliver environmentally friendly products to consumers


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In the household care industry, sustainability has become embedded in the way many companies do business. This is one theme our Copenhagen Sustainability Series has repeatedly highlighted. However, different regions of the world are more focused on sustainability than others.

In developed regions, such as Europe and the U.S., consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the damage that certain chemicals in the products they use can impose on waterways and ecosystems. This awareness has resulted in an increased demand for environmentally friendly products. At the same time, producers of detergents and other home care products are taking their responsibility towards the environment very seriously. Of course they need to meet consumer demand by delivering greener products, but beyond that, many are thoroughly scrutinizing their production processes to, for example, cut water usage and reduce waste.

Developing sustainability
But what’s happening in developing markets? Do consumers have the same awareness level? Is demand as high for greener products? What are companies in those regions doing to improve the environment? The answers are, of course, different depending on which developing country you look at.

According to a study done by InterbrandHealth on how consumers respond to sustainability messaging, consumers in China make an explicit connection between green products ...

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