The 1st Intercontinental Personal Care Excellence Conference Italy-Usa-Japan: Gathering in stresa today to shape the future of cosmetics

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One of the things that has always struck and fascinated me about each scientific conference I have been to is the sense of community that you can feel everywhere. It is so nice and exciting to see science experts from a number of countries and cultures that meet to share something they believe in and that they have centered their lives on. And, it is also nice and exciting to think that what these meetings yield will have a positive impact on our everyday life.


In our case, it is about personal care, cosmetics, essential components of that desire for well-being we all feel, right from when we wake up in the morning, because a perfect shave or flawless makeup can really make a difference in how we approach our day.


This is a global feeling that is in every culture and continent worldwide, which however has to take into account many factors that are not so global. Firstly, physical factors: my skin is different from other people’s skin. Cultural factors: my way of seeing ...