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The “ap-peel” of sheet facial mask skin care



HCD Research, Flemington, USA

There’s often a lot of guessing and experimentation when it comes to skin care routines.

Do you really need premium eye cream? What’s the best product for those dark spots? What products should everyone have in the cabinet? Do you really need different products for morning and night? Will my diet affect my skin? When should I start using anti-aging products?

Are those trendy sheet face masks really doing anything for your skin?


No doubt you’ve seen them around. Sheet face masks are having a moment right now. There’s no denying the increasing popularity of sheet masks over the years. Relaxing, soothing and packed with skin-transforming ingredients, it’s no wonder the product has become so popular. They’re made with fun ingredients, like cucumber, honey, green tea, rose, watermelon, and hundreds of other things that might make you think “that sounds good, right?”.

They claim the power to fix nearly any skin complaint— age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, clogged pores, ...

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