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The growing importance of mental wellbeing


Head of Research and Insight at FMCG Gurus

Once considered something of a taboo topic, consumers are becoming more open about their mental wellness. Indeed, an FMCG Gurus survey of 25,000 consumers conducted over the period Q4 2019/Q3 2019 found that 65% of respondents say that they recognize the link between good cognitive health and good overall health. This is important at a time when 44% indicate that they are not satisfied with their cognitive health.


Openness towards mental wellbeing is being brought about by modern life having an impact on the cognitive health of consumers. Irrespective of whether real or perceived, many consumers feel time scarce as they look to cram as many activities into the day as possible. As such, 40% of global consumers say that they struggle to relax and unwind, whilst 64% say that they are making active attempts to improve their work/life balance.


At the same time, consumers can suffer from a variety of stresses. These worries can range from concerns about financial wellbeing and ability to handle daily living costs, to the health and wellbeing of loved ones, to wider issues such as the threat of terrorism. Again, this is something that can i ...

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