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Sunny outlook – Sustainable sun care products


HCD Research, Flemington, USA

The consumer perspective on sun care has change a lot over the years. From hours of laying out in the sun with the aid of sun tan oils and reflective shields to caked on high SPF (sun protection factor) lotions and UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) clothing, the consumer interest in gaining or shielding the sun’s rays can be seen in a wide variety of products over time.


But a look into the travel community hints to additional consumer interests that are not as self-centered. What if wearing sunscreen is worse than just a sunburn? Isn’t the point of sunscreen to top up your tan as safely as you can? The evidence is irrefutable: sunscreen is a must when the summer heat hits.


While we all know that protecting ourselves from the sun is essential, it’s becoming increasingly important to consider the impact our sunscreen is having on the environment. There’s now a substantial body of research suggesting that the sun-protection products we take on holiday are having an adverse effect on marine life. A handful of chemicals commonly found in traditional sunscreens (namely oxybenzone and octinoxate) are seeping into the ocean and dam ...

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