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LUM presents innovations during in-cosmetics 2012 – Booth A 19
LUM GmbH’s new generation of the approved Stability Analyser LUMiFuge® considerably simplifies the industrial quality control by the introduction of the instability index in SEPView® 6 software. The stability of cosmetic formulations including sun lotions and sun creams is easily characterized. Applications, e.g. the stability tests of UV-A and UV-B filters, take advantage of the operation at relevant temperatures in the range from +4°C to + 60°C.
Giving hydrodynamic particle density, separation velocity distribution and particle size distribution in addition to the direct stability result, both the new LUMiReader PSA® as well as the All-in-One-Dispersion Analyser LUMiSizer® are two instruments for the comprehensive understanding of complex industrial products in an easy way.
As in-cosmetics highlight a new LUM product is presented, allowing customers the non-contact characterization of the concentration and especially of concentration gradients of extremely high concentrated dispersions of nano and micr ...

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