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The Corner – Sun Care

Sun Care products can only protect the skin effectively from damage induced by UV radiation, if a homogeneous distribution of the UV-filter used is ensured and the formulation can be easily applied to the skin. Hence, successful sun care formulations not only need the right UV-filter but also powerful formulating aids. Cremer Care offers a broad range of emollients proven to have excellent properties for solubilising organic sunscreens such as CremerCOOR® PPG 810 and MIGLYOL® 8810, accompanied by effective emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers like IMWITOR® 372 P, CremerCOOR® PG3 DIS and IMWITOR® 600. The latter are also most suitable for dispersing inorganic sun screens like TiO2.
And for after sun care we suggest our new soothing ingredient CremerTIMOLA®, based on Bulbine Frutescens, a plant originally from Africa that has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries to treat irritated and demanding skin.
Meet us at in-cosmetics Paris, 16-18 April 2013, Booth F131

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