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Xi'an Innovision Bioscience Co., Ltd (IV-BIO) is specialized in solid phase synthesis resins. We have a strong R&D team on reactive and functional micro-beads and polymers supports. As a global manufacturer in SPPS Resin, our products are good quality and competitive price as well. We can offer a large amount products for global enterprises and institutes in resin applications.( peptide synthesis, API peptide, organic synthesis, etc).
. Functional Microbeads (immobilized enzyme, affinity chromatography)
) (Non toxic) Chloromethyl Reagent------[ 1, 4-2-bis ( chloromethoxy) butane)]
) Resins for solid phase peptide synthesis (100-200mesh,1%DVB)
  • 2-Chlorotrityl Chloride Resin
  • Wang Resin
  • Fmoc-Rink Amide Resin
  • Chloromethyl Resin
  • Aminomethyl Resin
  • Polystyrene Resin
  • MAPS Resin
  • PEG-modified resin
  • Heavy metal adsorption resin
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