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INCI Name: silt
Key attributes:
  • Microcirculation increasing
  • Smoothing and firming effect
  • Slimming activity
  • Sebum control
  • Soothing effect 
Brentaker®L is a natural sediment extracted from the catchment area of the Brenta and Piave Rivers and consists mainly in silt with clay containing minerals of Italian Dolomites.
Due to its composition, Brentaker®L is indicated in the cosmetic industry as a raw material for the production of mud for acne, psoriasis and for the treating skin blemishes, to delay the aging of the skin and increase the local metabolism of subcutaneous fat (cellulite).
Compared to clay, Brentaker®L has:
- higher percentage of calcium (about 20% instead of 10);
- perception of a better texture (silky action);

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