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The fragrance series – part 1


Via Cassanese 41, 20090 Segrate (Milan), Italy

A desire to explore the many facets of the power of fragrance in our daily lives is at the basis of this five-part series. The renowned global fragrance expert Marcella Bartoletti, former Global Fragrance Director at Unilever, together with other experts, will take the reader through a journey across the multiple aspects to be taken into consideration, the commonalities as well as the various challenges, and the critical market/ business imperatives to be handled when planning a new fragrance launch. An opportunity to dig into air care, personal care, home care product categories, cosmetics, prestige as well as niche fragrances and, finally, aromas in food cooking and tasting.

Creating timeless fragrance icons
We live in “interesting times” with many threats emerging around the globe (e.g. the crisis of the western economies, concerns about environmental impact, just to name a couple of global ones) simultaneously highlighting new challenges and diversified opportunities that are already impacting future innovation strategies, including with regard to fragra ...