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The future of formulation in household and personal care


Intelligent Formulation Ltd, Textile House, Red Doles Lane, Huddersfield, HD2 1YF

Last year the publishers of this journal were kind enough to publish my short editorial piece entitled “The Golden Age of Formulation” (1). In it I argued that the science and technologyof formulation had made advances that made it a worthypartner for more mature disciplines such as synthetic chemistry.Additionally I pointed out that market drivers were aligned to anextent that makes the present day a great time to be innovating in the fi eld of formulation. In this article I’d like to expand on that theme. What follows should be not be taken as a comprehensivescientifi c review article but more as an examination of themes and trends and as a digest of interesting and relevant examplesof advances in formulation science and technology, especiallyas they impact on the markets for household and personal care products. ...

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