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The world of silicones in personal care


European Silicones Centre(CES)

Silicones have been used safely in personal care products for many decades, offering a wide range of benefits. This family ofingredients has completely transformed our personal care products into the luxurious, affordable and performing grooming products we have come to expect today. Silicones are made from the silicon–oxygen backbone structure found in sand,chemically modified with carbon and hydrogen to enhance compatibility. Modern chemistry has worked wonders to bring us silicones, high-performance polymers that can take a variety of physical forms, from solids to water-thin liquids and semi-viscous pastes and oils. They are chosen for their ability to sustain conditions which would ordinarily defeat conventional material.Technically known as “polyorganosiloxanes”, silicones are polymeric compounds in which silicon atoms join together with oxygenas chains or networks. The remaining valences of silicon link with organic groups - mainly methyl groups. Silicones are not justused in personal care products. They display a host of unique properties to lubricate, seal, bond, release, defoam and encapsulate. They can insulate, waterproof, coat and conduct electricity in applic ...

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